The Best Things You Can do for Your Marriage : Sunday Rally

Marriage is not easy, but then again who said it would be?

Ry and I  have been married for 3 years now (where does the time go?!) and I think we've learnt a thing or two along the way. I am by no means a marriage or relationship expert, but I am a wife who wants her marriage to be the best it can possibly be in hopes that it will last forever. I am also a bit of a relationship nerd - I love reading relationship articles, suggesting ideas to Ry of things we can do to make our marriage better, and I love hearing stories about other couples and their journeys. Something we introduced to our relationship this past summer is what we like to call a Sunday Rally.

Every Sunday we take some time to go for a walk, feed the ducks at a little pond we pass by each time, and grab a drink at the local Tim Horton's to discuss us. We usually discuss the week that has passed and ask each other 'What could I have done better for you?' and 'Is there anything that happened last week that you feel has been left unresolved?'. We also discuss the week ahead and let each other know where we could use more support, and come up with a list of goals for the week. It's a great way for us come together on a weekly basis to be on neutral ground in a relaxed and calm state of mind. If the weather is crappy outside we usually pull out our designated picnic blanket and stay inside, and we often take notes either on our phones or in a little notebook we bring along sometimes.

We decided to call them our #sundayrally 's because the definition of the word 'rally' is to come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion, recover or cause to recover in health, spirits, or poise, and a meeting of people showing support for a cause, so it seemed fitting.

We only have a couple more Sunday Rally's till Christmas, and the last one of the year actually happens to be on Christmas Day! We are looking forward to many more of them to come in 2017 where we will be able to focus more on us, our marriage, and #beating50percent because there is #alwaysmore we can do for each other.



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